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Looking for a high quality Kolibri inflatable boat for a fixed low price? is the Nr. 1 distributor of Kolibri inflatable boats in the Benelux. With our wide range of Kolibri inflatable boats, we offer a suitable dinghy for every wish, varying from 2 m to 4.5 m. All Kolibri inflatable are also delivered free of charge at home.

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Kolibri KM-330 DL...

Price €1,150.00

The DL series from Kolibri is a high segment series of Kolibri. This line of inflatable boats has an inflatable keel and a fixed book floor. The inflatable keel ensures better guidance and more control when steering. Due to the special design, the DL series can be heavier loaded and the transom is reinforced so that you can sail with considerably more...